Our Story

We met on the lake, we live near the lake, and now we get to serve good food with a view of the lake which has been at the center of our lives together.

This joy, as well as our food philosophy, is why we called it Brim: when what you eat is good, you can fill up and feel good from it. Healthy food doesn’t have to be sad. In fact, if you do it right, you might just end up wanting it all the time. And you might want a beer with it, too.

Our menu features dishes that do just that. Seven curated bowls filled to the brim with as much local, organic, plant-focused goodness that we can make from scratch and fit inside. The same care goes into things big and small, like our herb-based sauces, the honey we buy locally to sweeten our lemonade and our grain-free breads that just taste like really, really good bread.

We love this community and can’t wait to have you at our table. We have more than enough coconut purple potatoes to go around. 


Kate and Patrick

Wife and Husband team & Co-Owners of Brim