We believe the best food is real food. Mostly plants. Always organic. Find most of it from 100 miles or so. Make it from scratch. Make it taste so good you won’t think it’s healthy. Have enough until you feel good and leave happy.


Favorite Summer Bowls


Brunch Bowl

seasonal roasted roots, greens, seasonal pickled vegetables, smoky crema (gf/df)

small 10 / regular 12

Beet Poke

jasmine rice, chioggia beets, avocado, sprouts, pickled radish, tamari ginger sauce (gf/df)

small 11 / regular 15

Seared Salmon & Dill

Red Lake Nations Wild Rice, dill and radish , arugula, seared salmon, spring sprouts, creamy dill sauce (gf/df)

small 12 / regular 15


Coconut Jerk & Beans

white rice, black beans, sweet potato, slaw, coconut jerk sauce (gf/df/v)

small 12 / regular 15

Cauliflower Steak

arugula, hummus, roasted cauliflower steak, garbanzo bean salad, slaw, olives, chermoula (gf/df)

small 12 / regular 15

Summer Chicken

greens, organic chicken, cucumber, tomatoes, basil, garbanzo beans, balsamic, parmesan (gf)

small 12 / regular 15


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